Researcher Conversation Series – A Circular Value Chain for Cobalt

Working Towards a Circular Value Chain for Cobalt Delivered by Tom Fairlie, Senior Sustainability Manager at the Cobalt Institute. Launched in 2022, the Cobalt Institute’s Circular Economy Work Programme investigates CE models across the entire cobalt value chain while providing actionable recommendations to achieve a sustainable and inclusive cobalt industry. Extraction, product design, and the […]

Researcher Conversation Series – Metal Health Service (MHS)

Metal Health Service Delivered by guest speaker Dr. Ebad Bagherpour of the NICER Programme’s Circular Metals Centre, followed by facilitated discussion. More than 80% of metallic components at the end of their service have perfect physical dimensions but reduced mechanical performance due to fatigue damage. Such fatigued components can be effectively reused if they can […]

Industry Stakeholder Workshop on Green Technology Critical Metal Recycling

Met4Tech and SonoCat held a Stakeholder Engagement meeting at the University of Glasgow on the 11th/12th of October. We over 50 people registered for the event and there were a range of talks from academic and industrial groups. A lot of new contacts were made particularly in the processing of WEEE and photovoltaic devices. There […]