Researcher Conversation Series – Barriers to Equitable Supply


“Spinning up the wheel: Barriers to long term equitable supplies of critical elements from geological resources.” July’s Researcher Conversation was delivered by Phil Bird (PhD) In this researcher conversation we will explore some of the barriers to improved knowledge and production of critical by-product elements from primary sources and what can be learnt from the […]

Researcher Conversation – Special Guest: iov42


“Digital Product Passports - Revolutionising Supply Chains” Special guests and Met4Tech Project Partners, iov42, delivered this fascinating talk, followed by a facilitated discussion. Talk topics: What was the problem iov42 were trying to solve for? Features / benefits of the steel Digital Product Passports (DPP) Short demo of the steel DPP prototype Their views on […]

Researcher Conversation Series – Agent Based Model


“The Dynamics of Electric Vehicle Battery Circular Supply Chain: An Investigation” Delivered by our Met4Tech Researcher, Dr Krishna Mohan Thazhathu Valiyaveettil, followed by a facilitated discussion. Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) form the principal power source and the cost component of Electric vehicles (EVs). The materials used in EVLIBs are termed critical due to their high technological importance, scarcity […]

Researcher Conversation Series – LCA


“LCA Approach to Estimate Household’s Technology Metal Footprint” Sam’s life cycle analysis (LCA) work focuses on estimating the quantities of a comprehensive range of physical products UK households purchased and the waste generated between 2011 and 2020, including food and drink, EEE, textiles and more. This talk will delve deeper into WEEE and show you […]

Researcher Conversation Series – By-product Potential (Te, W, Bi)


“Tracing potential by-products Te, Bi and W through beneficiation at Björkdal Gold Mine, Sweden” Met4Tech Researcher, Lara Tritton, delivered this month’s talk, followed by a facilitated discussion. The transition to a net-zero world comes with vast material demands, which need to be met responsibly and with minimal environmental impact. Some of the critical or technology […]

Researcher Conversation Series – CircularChem

Creating Policies for the Implementation of a Circular Economy for Chemicals in the UK Delivered by a guest speaker, Katie Lamb, who is a researcher from CircularChem. CircularChem is another circular economy centre from the NICER Programme, which Met4Tech sits within. Katie’s research is focussed on developing evidence-based policies for the implementation of a circular […]