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Researcher Conversation Series – Metal Health Service (MHS)


Metal Health Service

Delivered by guest speaker Dr. Ebad Bagherpour of the NICER Programme’s Circular Metals Centre, followed by facilitated discussion.

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More than 80% of metallic components at the end of their service have perfect physical dimensions but reduced mechanical performance due to fatigue damage. Such fatigued components can be effectively reused if they can be rejuvenated without affecting the overall microstructure of the component. Our vision is that analogous to the National Health Service (NHS), under a circular economy in the future there will be a “Metal Health Service” (MHS) for metallic components, where all metallic components have a health record; “tired” components can be identified and rejuvenated; “sick” components can be diagnosed and cured; and “broken” components can be assessed and repaired.

Find out more at: circularmetal.co.uk


Contact us directly for a link to this webinar: enquiries@Met4Tech.org

The Met4Tech Researcher Conversation sessions give the audience the chance of a two-way conversation with a different project researcher each month. This regular series aims to highlight Researcher progress and updates for the whole audience of Met4Tech project participants, from internal students and professors through to external enterprise partners. 


12:30 PM - 1:30 PM