Circular Economy Centre for Technology Metals – Met4Tech

Met4Tech brings together world-leading researchers to maximise opportunities around the provision of technology metals from primary and secondary sources, and lead materials stewardship. We will create a National Technology Metals Circular Economy Roadmap to accelerate us towards a circular economy. 

Salt lake and wind turbine

Innovating with NICER, Funding Round 2

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £1.5 million to research, test and develop step-change circular economy approaches.

Find out if this upcoming UKRI funding opportunity is appropriate for your project then get in touch with us as soon as possible. This funding forms part of the UK Research and Innovation National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research programme (NICER).

  • 13th October 2022 – Opening Date
  • 16th November 2022 – Final Enquiries for Letters of Support
  • 7th December 2022 at 11am – Fund Closes

Met4Tech assistance can range from Letters of Support to potential collaborations with our researchers.

***Registrations now closed***

Our research vision & challenge

To transform the current linear system for supply/use into a new Technology Metals Circular Economy system and network.

The UK currently has no single point of reference for technology metals. We are close to 100% import-reliant on technology metals but have world-leading expertise in R&D and technologies.

The Met4Tech Circular Economy Centre brings together UK research teams already working on how to improve and assure the supply of raw materials, how to manufacture goods to be re-used and recycled, and how to recycle complex goods such as batteries.

Salt lake and wind turbine

Diagnose. Solve. Implement.

Theme area 1

Virtual data Observatory
Li, Co, REE, Te, Se, PGM, In, W, Sn, Ta, Ga, Nb, Sb...

Theme area 2

CE Principles for Raw materials and new Geomodels

Theme area 3

Design, Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies

Theme area 4

Roadmap for a new technology metals circular economy system

The Circular Economy Hub (CE-Hub) brings together academics, industry practitioners, policymakers and civic society stakeholders committed to delivering circular economy research and innovation programmes in a joint and systemic way.