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Coming Soon – The Met4Tech Museum Exhibit!

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Outreach | 0 comments

‘Extractors AND Circulators’

The Critical Balance for Critical Metals….


Intended to increase the general public’s understanding of the importance of a circular economy – alongside more responsible mining of technology metals – the Met4Tech Museum Exhibit; ‘Extractors AND Circulators’ will be a major piece of Outreach for Met4Tech throughout 2024.

The ‘Extractors AND Circulators’ Exhibit has been designed through a collaborative process and is due to tour through a number of museums and science discovery centres across the UK. Each museum site will host a public launch event as part of Met4Tech’s Outreach activities, providing an excellent opportunity for the Met4Tech team to engage with the public.

Our citizen science audience is wide and includes people of all ages and walks of life. Our intention is for this engagement activity to deliver new learning content on the circular economy for technology metals to diverse participants from various communities.


Coming Soon….watch this space in April 2024!


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