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Researcher Conversation Series – By-product Potential (Te, W, Bi)


Tracing potential by-products Te, Bi and W through beneficiation at Björkdal Gold Mine, Sweden

Met4Tech Researcher, Lara Tritton, delivered this month’s talk, followed by a facilitated discussion.

The transition to a net-zero world comes with vast material demands, which need to be met responsibly and with minimal environmental impact. Some of the critical or technology metals that are crucial to today’s societies are produced largely as by- or co-products to major metals such as Cu, which means that their production is not tied to demand, and/or they are not extracted due to a historical lack of interest in or demand for these metals. This Researcher Conversation looks at the potential for Te, W and Bi to be extracted as by-products at the Bjorkdal Gold Mine in Sweden. These elements, in the forms of scheelite and bismuth-telluride minerals, are being traced through the mine’s beneficiation circuit and characterised, to understand whether it would be possible to meet some of their demand without opening any new mines, with the aim to investigate later in the PhD whether Deep Eutectic Solvents could be used for extraction.

Contact us directly for a link to this webinar: enquiries@Met4Tech.org

The Met4Tech Researcher Conversation sessions give the audience the chance of a two-way conversation with a different project researcher each month. This regular series aims to highlight Researcher progress and updates for the whole audience of Met4Tech project participants, from internal students and professors through to external enterprise partners. 


12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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